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Put ‘Em On a Pedestal

Is it weird to have a fashion icon? Or maybe two?

Lately when we peruse the racks at our favorite boutiques in Brooklyn and beyond we find ourselves thinking about key looks perfected by women with stellar style.

With her smoky eyes and fearless French flair, Carine Roitfeld, the iconic former editor of French Vogue (who just signed on to style Barneys New York’s fall 2011 ad campaign and the Madison Avenue flagship’s windows) is, of course, a given. But we’re also taken with the ineffably cool carriage of the character Karen Van Der Beek (British beauty Natascha McElhone) in the Showtime series Californication.

Yes, she’s a Cali girl, on screen, that is, but we believe that Karen’s trademark ensembles — rocking blazer, tough-yet-chic blouse or T-shirt, perfect-fitting slim-cut jeans — easily translate to the East Coast, most specifically, Brooklyn! Her on-again off-again romance with scoundrel Hank Moody (David Duchovny) may be complicated yet her style is anything but.

So, a nod to Showtime’s Karen, and oui, Carine from the Brooklyn Gal. We will never ever look like either of these gorgeous women, or, for that matter, ever try to mimic their look down to the letter, but damn, we do admit, they certainly inspire us.


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