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Pockets Full of Miracles

Like many fashion lovers, we here at the Brooklyn Gal have been perusing the RTW Fall 2011 runway collections with full-on fervor, devouring the nonstop-flow of coverage from WWD and New York Magazine every spare moment we get.

Sure, we’re besotted by the glamour, the endless parade of avant-garde silhouettes and deeply inspiring color stories emerging from New York, London, Milan and now Paris. We can’t wait to slip into seriously wide-legged trousers, jackets with strong shoulders (sans fur), bulky hand-knit sweaters, metallic-kissed tunics, long vests and tuxedo shirts – at Zara prices, natch.

But what we’re most thrilled about is the preponderance of… pockets! Albino D’Amato worked the pocket angle with his metallic herringbone skirts and short-sleeved dresses for his Albino line. Daryl Kerrigan of Daryl K dropped ’em low on a long slim black skirt that truly personifies her urban-cool edge. And Felipe Oliveira Baptista piled on the layers, topping all with a gold vest-y jacket that swooped around the body, with pockets for extra swagger.

Why do we care about such trivial details? Because pockets not only spell comfort but give a garment a cool cachet, a louche attitude (pardon the use of the L word – it’s on our list of most over-used descriptors but damn, it says it all).

So don’t mind us if we don’t wave  hello or shake hands the next time we meet on the street. We’ll be too busy strutting down the road with our hands deeply entrenched in our stylish pockets.


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