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The Lock of Love

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner the Brooklyn Gal’s thoughts naturally turn toward…gold lockets. Corny, we know, but we’ve always had a thing for delicate little hearts engraved with curlicue patterns or studded with diamond specks. And when they open and close with a tiny clasp, with enough room for a dime-sized photo, heck, our hearts just go pitter-pat.

We’ve come across some irresistible lockets lately while browsing online, like a Victorian sapphire and pearl beauty from Doyle & Doyle, a haven of vintage wonders, a charmer from Flotsam & Jetsam at the ever-adorable Catbird in Williamsburg and a lovely rose gold number from Yayoi Forest at Steven Alan. Nonetheless, we’re still smitten with the one locket that got away, or rather, the one we failed to buy one early fall day.

It was, without a doubt, a real sweetheart, and we spied it while browsing in Assembly New York, one of the coolest boutiques on the LES. The salesperson told us that it was a relic from WWII, and, like many of its ilk, had once contained a lock of hair inside, a token from a girl back home to her soldier at the front. Fittingly, such WWII trinkets were called sweetheart lockets (and yes, there were pins too) and they usually bore U.S. Air Force, Army, Marine Corps and Navy insignias.

We here at the BG have always had a weakness for treasures with a backstory. Should we ever venture upon such a find again we will not hesitate to snap it up. Unless, of course, our amour gets there first!


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