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Blouse in the House

The Brooklyn Gal’s latest obsession, the droopy bowed blouse, sort of took us by surprise. After all, we’ve always associated those knotted-at-the-neck numbers with cheesy fabrics, disco-era silhouettes and romantic poets. That is, until we saw The King’s Speech a month or two ago.

There we sat, bewitched by Helena Bonham Carter’s queenly hats and elegant ensembles (which we later discovered were made or custom-tweaked from vintage frockerie by costume designer Jenny Beavan), when something rather extraordinary flitted across the screen: the fetchingly feminine bow-necked blouse worn by character Myrtle Logue (Jennifer Ehle), wife of speech therapist Lionel (Geoffrey Rush). There she was, a retro dream sprung to life, and there she wasn’t, leaving us in need of another bow-blouse glamour fix, straightaway.

And so the BG went a-looking. We rediscovered a gorgeous silk-satin crepe tie-neck rendition from Chloé’s recent fall collection, featured, funnily enough, in The New York Times story about dressing à la Charlie, that fabulous devil-may-care girl in Revlon’s 1970s perfume ads. And we also fell for Wes Gordon’s soigné interpretation for next fall, which he showed, paired with high-waist wide-leg trousers, during Fashion Week in NYC.

Miles of Style

But chances are we will probably never button up these beauties for real. We will not stride across the street, head tall, tie loosely looped and billowing in the breeze, because, heck, without that model-esque height we would not be wearing the blouse – the blouse would wear us.

And so we’ll leave it at that, another fashion fantasy. It’s still the stuff dreams are made of.


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