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Oh, Woe is our Closet

Yup, it’s the heart of winter, that grim time of year with no holiday on the horizon. It’s that moment in time when we here at the Brooklyn Gal sometimes come down with a case of the wardrobe doldrums. Another black and gray outfit? Must we?

Making the task of getting dressed even more challenging: a hodgepodge of items that we once could not live without and now have difficulty parting with, all hogging room in a sliver-sized space.

The dilemma? How, pray tell, does one just toss a bottle green Gary Graham dress into the giveaway pile? Once a slim column of sleek chic, said jersey dress is now a tie-dyed mess thanks to a handwashing mishap (the label said dryclean only – we thought we knew better). And what of that Aoyama Itchome silk dress with gold studs that we were so, so happy to snatch up for a song last winter at Callalilai on Atlantic Avenue? It was just the cutest thing on the hangar but once we got it home, poof! it instantly lost its magical appeal.

The solution of course? Push these distracting items to the very back of our closet and start cruising the sale racks. Even better perhaps: start dreaming about spring.


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