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Years ago, in the 1990s, when you bought something vintage, be it clothing or jewelry, it was usually an item that was decades old and if not valuable, at least terribly unique or kooky or maybe even collectible. Nowadays, sad to say, it seems that anything more than five seasons old is called vintage. We here at the Brooklyn Gal think that’s a crying shame.

The thing is, we’ve always been attracted to vintage, in the truest sense of the word. We’d like to think it has something to do with our past lives. Perhaps we were Gibson Girls who turned heads with our poufy pompadours or fabulous flappers who danced our way through the roaring ’20s or Bohemians who rubbed elbows with famous artists and writers during the heyday of the Bloomsbury Group. Whoever we were, we hope that we were über-stylish and that we had the good sense to hold onto our favorite things for posterity.

We thought of all of these things just the other day when we wandered into Pippin Vintage Jewelry in Chelsea. As we browsed through this treasure trove literally stuffed with dazzling finds, we realized that we’ve not only become jaded by new-school “vintage” – we’ve also become accustomed to high-end vintage jewelry that costs an arm and a leg (which we have been lucky enough to receive as gifts from favorite haunts like Aaron Faber and Doyle & Doyle).

A favorite from our jewelry box

But Pippin was something different. While there were plenty of items, like marvelous cameos, that rightfully cost a mint, there were also tons of incredible pendants, strands of pearls and funky clip-on earrings of the costume jewelry variety from countless eras past. And, hello, these pieces were totally affordable, like 25 or 35 bucks. If we wanted, say, a funky necklace from the 1950s with tons of character or a cloisonné bracelet watch to take a simple black dress up a notch, we need look no further.

Pippin was, without a doubt, a revelation. It made us believe in power of vintage – as in real vintage – all over again. We can’t wait to go back again!


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