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Just the other day the Brooklyn Gal hauled butt to Williamsburg to check out a few cool kitchen shops. Or, rather, our foodie pal Jo, aka Plumandradish, a former Brooklynite visiting from the Windy City, hauled both of our butts to Billyburg, in her cute little Mini Cooper.

It was a cold day, and the streets felt rather bleak and looked kinda monotone (er, gray), but our afternoon immediately brightened upon entering The Brooklyn Kitchen, a vast industrial-ish space set in the shadows of the Williamsburg Bridge and packed with all sorts of primo comestibles, bakeware, cookware, barware, and sundry other goodies.

We loved perusing the local and artisanal chocolates (we especially heart Mast Brothers‘ tempting bars wrapped in delightful, suitable-for-framing paper) and the lovely larder must-haves like Baldwin Extracts’ pricey vanilla, concocted with aged bourbon and perfect for that winter bake-off. And items like Pommaireware’s cute-as-a-button clay pig-faced cookie jars handmade in Chile and old-fashioned  Haeger Stoneware pie plates made us desirous of a humongous country kitchen, far, far away from King’s County.

We may consider ourselves pescatarian, but we confess: even the butcher counter, run by The Meat Hook and well-stocked with prime cuts of beef, charcuterie, gourmet sausage and the like, seemed sort of, well, enticing.

Who knows, maybe one day we’ll cross that bridge, too. Just don’t expect us to work up an appetite for pig head or (gasp!) head cheese.


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