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Jean Seberg knew a thing or two about French style!

Why does French style never fail to intrigue the Brooklyn Gal? It’s not the way French femmes tie their Hermès scarves. Even though we do admit to a bit of scarf envy, having no skill in this area whatsoever, we have no burning desire to learn the ins and outs of wrapping la neck.

Like any fashion lover we revere the big guns such as YSL, Dior and Chanel and we heart Isabel Marant, bien sûr, but our attraction is more than label lust. Stating the obvious, there’s just something about the way Gallic girls put it all together.  They have the knack for turning the most basic pieces like, say, the classic striped tee, into knockout outfits. It’s just a fact.

Which is why we are looking forward to the stateside arrival of La Parisienne, the new book from Inès de la Fressange that’s already causing a stir in her homeland, or at least, at Colette, where it appears to be sold out. (According to Barnes & Noble’s site the book can be pre-ordered now for April delivery in the U.S.)

De la Fressange, as most style observers know, is not only the paragon of chic, she’s also a former runway model and creative consultant to Roger Vivier, so she knows a thing or two about living la viva Parisienne. What’s between the covers? Apparently everything we need to know about channeling the spirit of French chic, from the art of  mixing high- and low-fashion finds to the right way of adding a touch of Parisian style to your home to her favorite places to shop, all straight from la source.

C’est magnifique! Now if only we could zip off to the City of Lights toute suite and pick up our very own copy .


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