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Chili Williams, aka The Polka Dot Girl

Given our weakness for all things retro, it’s no wonder that we’ve fallen hook, line and sinker for spring’s perky polka dot trend. We’re over the moon about Moschino’s sweet vintage-inspired blouses and kicky pants and Rebecca Taylor’s downright dotty see-through styles, including a red polka-dot dress and a filmy jacket and long, sweeping skirt. And while we never gave MaxMara more than a passing glance before, we’re almost giddy about the label’s one-piece shorts number. After all, it’s black -and-white and awesome all over.

Minnie Mouse rocks the dots

Polka dots have been turning heads for decades, of course. Minnie Mouse did the dots proud in the 1930s while pin-up girl Chili Williams put the polka-dot bandeau bikini on the map in 1943. Fashion designer Norman Norell cultivated a following with his daywear collection of blouses and shirtwaist dresses, in stripes, checks and yes, darling dots. And, hello, who could forget Marilyn Monroe in all of her dotty glory in the 1955 sensation The Seven Year Itch? (Yes, she really did wear other costumes besides that sexpot white halter dress).

Marilyn Monroe in va-va-voom dots

Let’s face it: trends come and go, but dots endure!


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