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Spiked hot chocolate on NY1

We here at the Brooklyn Gal must own up to a recent addiction. Lately we have become NY1 junkies, particularly in the AM when our first cup of Stumptown coffee is just starting to circulate.

Gone are the days when we would spend an hour reading the newspaper while the subway chugged to work. For one thing we no longer commute and for another, NY1 does an outstanding job of covering the day’s major headlines in a matter of minutes. And we are also fans of its Wall Street expert, Annika Pergament. True, we know zip about the stock market, but we really admire her classy professional ensembles and super-chic hairdo. And of course that’s what really counts!

Two more reasons to click on our favorite local news station: its stepped-up food coverage. We’ve recently noticed that Chow contributing editor Alex Van Buren is doing quirky, fun segments, like her recent story on spiked hot chocolate from L.A. Burdick in the Flatiron neighborhood.  And Rachel Wharton, deputy editor of Edible Brooklyn is also taking her place in front of the camera, educating foodies about everything from roof-grown micro greens to Brooklyn-brewed beer.

We’ll keep watching and reporting back to you.

That’s all for now.

Over and out.

-Brooklyn Gal


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