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Santa, don't forget to shop net-a-porter's seasonal sale!

Sample sales? No thanks. The Brooklyn Gal always winds up frustrated by the throngs of fashionistas all waging battle for the same 20 items. We hate trying on clothes over our own, even if we come dressed in warrior-wear like leggings and thin T-shirts that allow us to easily slip in and out of the garments on offer. And, much, much worse, we oftentimes wind up buying items we may not need or even love because we get so caught up in sample-sale fever and, hello, it’s hard to pass up such bargains. Waste of time and money.

But don’t get us wrong – we do love a great sale – especially the online sale happening this moment at net-a-porter. True, our favorite e-commerce site sometimes prices select items a few bucks higher than its competitors, but damn, the selection can’t be beat.

What’s on the Brooklyn Gal’s wish-list radar right now? Well, if our pockets were deeper or Santa were richer, we would purchase these lover-ly wardrobe essentials in a nanosecond.

We heart all of the following net-a-porter finds, listed in no particular order:

Chloé leather boots. Oh how we love the tassels and the dark gray color. We could live without the logo (really, do we need to be walking brand billboards?) but we are enchanted by everything else about these beauties so we would gladly make an exception.

Isabel Marant slouchy wedge-ankle boots. One part leather, one part suede, all in awesome gray. We would strut around town in these babies all winter long.

Chinti and Parker elbow patch cashmere cardigan. Practical, yet luxurious. And we do have a thin for the au courant elbow-patch trend.

Miu Miu bell-sleeve belted wool-blend cardigan. Okay, we admit it: this sweater is what fashion dreams are made of. We are not usually oh-so-label-conscious but honestly, the Brooklyn Gal would sell our relatives for this gorgeous hunter-green cardi.

Paul & Joe Sister merino wool fair isle gilet. You say gilet, we say vest. Either way, it’s an adorable way to ward off the winter chill.

Stella McCartney double-breasted wool coat dark green. The price is totally out of our league but there is no debating the style appeal. Totally disarming!

Sonia Rykiel striped knit and velvet dress. Sonia can do no wrong. And we are always a sucker for a comfy knit sweater dress. Bonus points for holiday glam!

Yes, the Brooklyn Gal‘s list is long, but heck, don’t we deserve it all? We’ve been very, very good this year. And, what’s more, we’re really good at compromising. Just one little green sweater would satisfy the bargain-shopping itch!


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