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L.L.Bean's Adirondack Barn Coat is perfect for those hikes in the woods

If you were a venerable Goliath like L.L. Bean, wouldn’t you make sure that every last detail of your Christmas 2010 catalogue was 100% correct before sending it out to zillions of customers? The Brooklyn Gal most definitely would.

To be fair, perhaps the L.L. Bean folks were in a time crunch or the proofreader was on vacation or someone just forgot to spell check the whole kit and kaboodle. Or maybe they’ve become so reliant on online sales that the paper edition is a bit of an afterthought.

Whatever the reason, we were totally floored when we flipped through the new L.L. Bean catalogue the other day. (Yes, guilty as charged: we love perusing catalogues – and folding down pages for future reference. So what if that future almost never rolls around for the Brooklyn Gal.) Anyway, there it was, plain as day, on page 35, a quote from a happy customer extolling the virtues of the Trail Model Rainwear: “The workmanship is excellent, and the perfomance is top notch.” Hello, PERFOMANCE?

L.L. Bean, we have heard that your performance gear rocks. And what’s more, we’re mulling over the insulated Adirondack Barn Coat at the moment, in loden, but of course. The price can’t be beat!

But please, for your next catalogue performance, may we suggest that you look before shipping?

Humbly yours, the Brooklyn Gal.


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