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Meet your matador at Despaña

The Brooklyn Gal doesn’t usually snoop and tell, but this snippet is too exciting not to share…Overheard at Despaña on Broome Street in NoLita the other afternoon: their highly anticipated wine bar next door may be opening in just a few short weeks.

We love Despaña mucho already, especially since this Spanish food favorite expanded its café area several months ago (we can actually order our bonito bocadillo – a humongous, oil-packed tuna sandwich on ciabatta bread stuffed with tomatoes and piquillo peppers – and enjoy it at communal tables in a little white-tiled room instead of scrunching at the tiny counter).

The grocery area, packed with all kinds of tempting vinegars, olive oils and chocolates, the specialty meat counter bursting with sausages, ham and 50 kinds of cheese (okay, not the Brooklyn Gal’s thing), even Pepe El Toro, the stuffed bull head from Malaga, surveying the scene from the back wall, all make us feel oh-so-European.

We didn’t think that our favorite weekend stop could get much better, but it looks like we were wrong. In no time at all we will be able to snack and sip red wine, all at the same time.



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