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We heart Eviana Hartman's boiled wool motorcycle coat for Hessnatur

Okay, we confess: we here at the Brooklyn Gal are having a catalogue moment. Despite many requests to be removed from tons of lists, we still receive several catalogues a week, especially this time of year. And, lo and behold, we actually got one the other day that we welcomed with open arms: the latest from Hessnatur, a socially responsible company based out of Butzbach, Germany that makes lovely clothing from organic and sustainable fabrics. Not just one or two items but the whole lot!

We applaud the green effort. In fact, we’re racking our brains to think of an American counterpart, but we’re coming up short. Anyway, all of this eco-ness makes us daydream. Perhaps one day the Brooklyn Gal will be a total convert, shedding her toxic togs for a wonderful wardrobe stuffed earth-friendly attire.

But respect for our planet is just one of the many reasons why we’re intrigued by this visionary company. For one thing, Majorcan-born designer Miguel Adrover, who once ruled the New York fashion world, is the creative director. Some of his designs are sort of blah, but others, like the pure alpaca jacquard-patterned sweater coat, appear to be winter workhorses that we can see ourselves wearing all season long. Hessnatur also lassoed Bodkin designer Eviana Hartman to create her own line, an urbane capsule collection that’s all about modular dressing. Lots of pieces mix and match and most would most likely go with pretty much everything we own. One of our favorites: the boiled wool motorcycle coat.

Prices are very affordable, too, just another reason why any purchases we make will be totally guilt-free.

Score another point for the green team.


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